Nov 192022


FOR THE WEEK FROM 20.11.2022 TO 26.11.2022


This week, Planets are favorable to you. All your activities will be according to your plan. You can plan for your growth. Your relatives will like your company. Your pleasing words will pull them up to you. You will also undergo developmental works in your house for more comforts. Your children will be good in their studies and in their career. Troubles so far given to you by your enemies will come down. Loans given to your friend will come back. Your stamina will be good and you will take nutritious food. Your counterpart will be supporting to you forgetting all the misunderstandings, so far prevailing. The current position of your business will be satisfactory. Money dealings will be normal. Employees will follow the rules and regulations of the institution. Women will be supportive to their husband. Students will work hard and get through in their studies.


You will utilize all the chances well, and get success in all your efforts. You should safeguard all the valuables in your house. As you are rendering all sorts of helps sought for by your brothers and sisters and they will be coming near you. Your travel will be convenient, as you maintain your vehicles. Your children will lose their concentration in their studies and they will also develop misunderstandings with their friends. But they will improve by your love and guidance. You will repay a portion of your debts. Your spouse will safeguard your dignity and status. Your business and profession will grow and you will get profits and good income. Employees will get increase in their salary and other benefits. Women will get the love and affection of their husband and conduct their family happily. Students should avoid foul play in their games.


You will tackle all the troubles by your mental strength and wise planning. You will respect your relatives and friends who are helpful to you and get their help. You should take care of your house and vehicle. You will buy and give the goods required by your children, as per your financial position. You can refresh yourself by taking rest. Your family expenditure will be curtailed by yourself and your spouse. You will attain the goal in you business with regard to the production and sales, by setting right the defects. You will also undertake additional job taking into consideration of the financial position of your family condition. Women will spend their savings for the essential expenditures of their families. Students should avoid roaming around and concentrate in their studies.


You may have to bear unwanted expenditures disproportionate to your income. Take care to bring the expenditures under control. You should bear with your neighbor, for maintaining relationship with them. You cannot enjoy convenience from your vehicle. You have to bear the medical expenditure for your children. Your spouse will get the help of their relatives to reduce your problems. There may be delay in attaining the target of production and profit in your business. You can avoid problems only if the employees work with utmost sincerity. Women will adhere to the principle of spending money for the essential things. Students should reduce their expenditures keeping in mind of the financial position of their parents.


This week, by the planetary movements, you may get unexpected benefits, in unexpected ways and happiness in your mind. You will have sound financial condition. You will undergo charitable activities and earn glory and become popular. Time is favorable for you to buy a house and vehicle. Your children will be more kind towards you. Your health will improve. You will win in the court cases. You will buy new machineries for getting more profits in your business. Employees will develop their talent and get hike in their salaries and other benefits. Women will get new dresses and ornaments. You will get help from your mother’s side. Students will shine and get appreciation from their parents and teachers.


This week, you should plan wisely in each and every walk of your life. You will get help from the Govt. by your planned efforts. Control speed while driving. Your children will be kind towards you. If you want to get loans by mortgaging your property, get it from the trustworthy persons. Your spouse will help you financially, by giving his/her savings. You can be safe in your business, if you invest less and put more hard work. You can attain the target of production in your business by encouraging the laborers. Women will appreciate the good qualities of their husbands. Students can qualify in the examinations by their hard work.


This week, some of those around you may praise you for their selfishness. You can avoid unnecessary expenditures and the unexpected problems by your wise planning. You will get the advice of your brothers and sisters. Proper care is required in maintaining your house and vehicle. You should adopt soft dealings in guiding your children. You should undergo outstation tours only if they are beneficial to you. You should take efforts in creating confidence in the minds of your spouse. Your business and profession will move on slowly. It is good for the employees to follow the rules and regulations of the institution. Women should avoid buying things which are not in more uses, on loan basis. Students can be qualified in an average condition in the physical exercises.


This week, your words will reveal your selfishness and will be particular in damaging the image of others. You should be careful in safeguarding your good name. Income coming from your ancestral properties will be useful for your additional expenditures. You should tackle and manage the troubles coming from your enemies by your wise planning. Your spouse will carry on works relating to the welfare of the family. Your business and profession will grow only by your hard work. Employees should avoid talking about the working standards of their colleagues. Women will show extra love and affection to their children. Students should be more careful in taking new people as their friends.


This week, you will utilize all the new chances coming in your way to earn more. You will also get more benefits, according to your efforts. Friends and relatives who maintained distance from you, when you were in trouble will now come closer to you. You will have a satisfactory condition with regard to your house and vehicle. You will have to incur medical expenditure for your children. Your enemies will wonder at your improvement in your life-status will distance away from you. Your spouse will be cordial with you and work hard for the welfare of the family. Your business will grow and the production will increase. You will get more income and more savings. Women will host the relatives and earn a good name from their husbands. Students will be qualified by working hard.


This week many of the planets are in the unfavorable positions. You will safeguard your image in the society carefully. Your relatives will respect your advice and be affectionate towards you. Your financial position will permit to buy house, vehicle and luxurious goods. Your children will take your appreciations in the negative way. Keep an eye on them. Your spouse will develop misunderstandings with you and start arguments with you. Transits of the planets will induce quarrels in the family and only by your patience you can soften the situation. Women should spend only for the necessary things. Students will shine in their studies.


You will develop spiritual thoughts in your mind and you will help others. You will be sincere in your friendship with others. Feelings of fear existing in your mind will go away. You will buy the thing required by your children and give them. Your health will be normal. Your spouse will tell their long time worries to you and get redressal. You will get your children trained up in the job –based trainings. Politicians will spend more for earning a good name from their Leaders and their subordinates. Women should not indulge in any financial dealings with others without the knowledge of their husbands. Students can be qualified, only out of hard work.


This week, many planets are in unfavorable positions. You should keep distance from those who waste your time by talking unnecessary matters. You will have Dharshan of the respectable persons and you will visit the temples. Your mind will get refreshed. You will perform the auspicious functions to your brothers and sisters. You will get good income from the ancestral properties satisfactorily. You will set right those who are jealous of you. The luck of your spouse and your children will help you. Officers will get appreciations from their boss by their hard work. Women will help their husbands for the future welfare of their family. Students will shine well and get gifts from parents.


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