Dec 242022

FROM 25.12/2022 TO 31.12.2022 WEEKLY FORECAST:


This week you will derive the benefits, which you have missed last week, by your new kind of efforts. You are advised to adhere to patience and soft approach in your talks. You will maintain your self prestige and earning more. You will have convenience in your vehicle and house in an average level. You will take sincere efforts to redress the grievance of your children. You will take nutritious food for your health. You will adjust with the innocent nature of your spouse. The production and sales will increase in your business by putting your efforts in more sincere ways. More concentration in the works will make the employees will bring benefits. Women will take more care in the welfare of the family. Students will follow their coaching well and attain their goal.


All the matters started by you will have golden beginnings. All your domestic needs will be fulfilled and your domestic happiness will increase. You will go on entertainment tours with your friends. You will have ‘Vibareedha Rajayogam” and thereby get more income from your ancestral properties and you will buy new property. Your enemies will divert their path. Your mind will be happy by the love and affection of your spouse. You will get new contracts and more profits in your business. Employees will have promotions and other benefits. Women will help for the auspicious functions in the families of their relatives. Students will score higher marks and earn good name and tributes.


You will eliminate the inferior feelings in your mind and thereby your business will flourish and you will get more benefits. Giving importance to the views of your family members will increase the domestic integrity. Avoid speed driving. You will have to worry by the activities of your children. You should distance away from those having negative thoughts against you. Your spouse will be helpful to you. You will put more labor and less capital in your business. Employees will pay more attention in fulfilling the current duties. Women will adopt tenacity in the expenditures. Students should avoid going to risky areas.


Your efforts will materialize. Your talks will expose your confidence level. Your neighbors will be friendly with you. Your children will improve their talent and his job opportunities. Your deceases will be reduced and your health will improve. You will redress the grievances of your spouse and you will get the love and affection of your spouse. You will spend the income derived from the business for worshiping your family-deity and for charitable purposes. Employees will get benefits. Women should avoid giving money to relatives without the knowledge of your husband. Students should be careful in having new persons as your friends


You will have courage in your mind and briskness in your activities. You will move freely with all. There will be domestic happiness by the visits of your relatives. Your children will shine in their studies and in maintaining good character. Income derived from your ancestral property will be utilized for the essential expenditures. Alternate methods are necessary for getting rid of the troubles from your enemies. You will tolerate the defects of your spouse. You will follow new methods, for achieving the target in your business. Employees will be happy by the getting the help of their colleagues. Women will help the activities of their husbands and thereby increase the domestic integrity. Students should handle costly goods carefully.


You will have more income. You will show dedication in your duties and derive benefits. You will get difference of opinion with your younger brother. Maintenance of your vehicle will create more expenditure. You will be happy by the good activities of your children. Avoid taking unhygienic foods. Advice of your spouse will guide you properly. Production and sales in your business will be in an average level. Politicians should follow soft approach in the talks relating to counseling Women will do worship of Gods for the welfare of the family. Students will earn good name of their teachers.


You will carry on your duties firmly. Those who speak ill of you will realize their fault and come closer to you. Relatives of your mother’s side will render all sorts of help. You will advice your children with regard to your friendship. You may require medical treatment for your health. You will get the love and affection of your spouse abundantly. You will bring changes in the methods of your business. You will get profits in your business. Employees will get more benefits. Women will adopt tenacity in their expenditures and increase their savings. Students will ask their desired things from their parents and get them.


You should talk in a soft way to others for avoiding troubles and a bad name. You can carry out your personal works with due care and hence you will get benefits and peace of mind, easily. You will get more income in your ancestral property. You will make changes in your tour programme. Your spouse will understand and praise your good qualities. You will manage the competitions coming in your business and set right things. Employees will earn a good name by completing their current duties. Women will be active in their works with good health .Students should avoid roaming outside and develop interest in studies.


You will talk kindly with your friends and earn respect from them. If you avoid wanderings and travels, you will carry out your works as planned. Expenditures for the needs of our family will increase. Ensure safety measures in your vehicle and house. You will give nutritious foods for developing the stamina of your children. Troubles coming from your enemies will disappear. Your spouse will praise your talented activities. Production and sales will be in an average level. Technical laborers will learn new technologies. Women will cook variety of foods and treat the relatives well. Students will study well and score high marks in their studies.


Your talks with others should be in a soft manner. To avoid borrowings, you should adopt tenacity while spending and control your expenditures. Don’t give lift in your vehicle and shelter in your house to unknown persons. Your children will obey your words. You should take rest at the due intervals for maintaining your health. Your spouse will be helpful. Extra care is required for preventing confusions in your business. Employees should follow the rules and regulations of the organization, without fail. Women will give advices to their husbands for the welfare of the family. Students should avoid risky games.


Your mind will be dominated by spiritual thoughts. You will render necessary help and advices to your dependants. Your family will witness auspicious functions. Some of you may buy new vehicle. Your children’s studies and job opportunities will have a satisfactory growth. You will get favorable judgments in the court cases. You will buy and give the desired things to your spouse. Your business will grow and you will get increased profits out of it. Employees will earn good name and benefits from the organization. Women will buy jewels and domestic needs, according to your income. Students will develop extra talents.


You cam amass wealth. Your life will become happy and you will have a level of confidence in your mind. Your travels in your vehicle will be convenient. Your children’s good activities will please you. You will distance away from those who are having negative thoughts against you. Your spouse will be so affectionate towards you. You will carry on developmental works in your business. You will get help from the Govt. for any matter. Employees can get transfers to the desired places and promotions. Women will get help from their mother’s house.


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