Jul 302022

FROM 31.8. 2022 TO to 6.8.2022 – WEEKLY FORECAST:


This week, some of your enemies will try to tarnish your image. You can avoid troubles by maintaining sincerity and honesty. You will have average income and hence you will adopt tenacity I your expenditures. Your brothers and sisters will be affectionate towards you. Avoid speedy driving. You will take necessary efforts for creating a confidence in the minds of your children. Take rest at required intervals to safeguard your health. Your spouse will be cordial with you. You will bring average growth I your business by your hard work. Employees will get some loan for meeting domestic expenditures. Women will take more care in the welfare of your family. Students can qualify only with hard work.


You will get new chances for fulfilling your expectations. You will speak sweet words and maintain good relationship with others. You can ensure safety by following safety measures, in your house and vehicle. You can thus concentrate in your works without the fear of thieves. You will buy and give the desired things of your children at costly prices. You will participate in the functions and feasts happily. The advices of your spouse will be helpful for the welfare of the family. Production and sales will increase in your business and you will get more profits. Employees will get extra works in the office and get extra income. They will also get awards for their extra work. Women will buy new dresses and jewels. Students will qualify in the examinations at satisfactory level.


Those who were very close to you will distance away from you, because of your self-boasting. So, it is good for you to involve in your duty only, for getting your future benefits in excess quantity. Maintenance expenditure will increase for your vehicle. You will give some promises to your children, for setting right their adamant attitude. By distancing away from your enemies, you can save time and ensure peace of mind. Avoid arguments with your spouse. There will be normal production and sales in your business. Employees should follow the rules and regulations of the organization, without fail. Women should spend only for the essential requirements. Students should avoid going to risky places.


You can achieve the target within the prescribed time, only if you develop self confidence in your mind. You will get a new chance for getting growth in your business and more profit in it. Avoid giving promises beyond your capacity, to your friends and relatives. Domestic happiness and domestic integrity will increase, by fulfilling the needs of your mother. Avoid taking unhygienic food, which will be harmful to your health. Your spouse will behave with self-prestige. Employees can fulfill their expectations, only if they work with some ideals. Women should adhere to tenacity in the domestic expenditures. Students should work hard for getting good marks.


These weeks all your works will be completed very easily and bring benefits. Your friendship will be tightened with your friends. You can get the expected help from the Govt. You will get maximum comforts from your vehicle. Your family will witness an auspicious function. You will attain a wealthy position and you will get a happy life. Your health will be good and you will have energy and stamina. One of the relatives of your spouse will be helpful. You will undertake developmental activities in your business investing heavy amount. Employees will get more works and more benefits. Women will find out ways and means for the bright future of their children. Students will shine by their hard work.


Talking to the unknown persons in the public places and standing for seeing some public nuisances should be avoided for retaining your peace of mind. You will keep up the promises given to your brothers and sisters. Your vehicle-journey will be comfortable. You will enhance the intelligence of your children, by telling your own experience. You may require medical treatment for your health. Your spouse will keep in mind the responsibility in the family. You will safeguard the average production and sales in the business, by bringing changes in the practical dealings. Politicians should follow soft approach in their talks for settling disputes. .women will treat the relatives well. Students will work hard for their studies.


You will carry out any work, with complete perfection. And you can be benefited out of it and extra income will come. You will have increased desire for carrying out social activities. You should be patient with the controversial ideas of your relatives. Some of you may change their residence and work place. You will get normal income from your ancestral properties. You will participate in the parties and functions. Your spouse will be affectionate towards you. You will implement some changes for the growth of your business. Employers can achieve target in their business by encouraging the employees. Women will get their husband’s gradual financial strength and lead a happy life. Students will attain progress in their studies, with the help of their friends.


There may be delays in getting your planned works completed. You will set right the troubles coming to you, by getting the advices and help of your well-wishers. It is advisable to avoid spending time in the public places. You can make outstation-tours, only if it is beneficial. Keeping in mind about the evil friendship of your children and will guide them to walk in the right path. You should be strict in adhering to a diet-schedule. It is also necessary to watch the details of the income-expenditure with due care in your business. Politicians will get the co-operation of the bureaucrats. Women will take pride in taking care of the welfare of the family. Students should avoid talking with their friends about the matters other than studies.


This week, you will attract others by your style, activities and mannerism. Your friends and relatives will help you for the welfare of your future. You will fulfill the domestic needs and thereby promote the domestic happiness. You will perform special poojas for your ‘Desired God’. Income from the ancestral properties will rise. Your health will be normal. Your spouse will praise your good qualities. You will carry out developmental activities in your business. Production and sales will improve. Politicians will get their choice of higher postings in the party. Women will treat the relatives of their husbands, well. Students will shine in their studies and get appreciations from their teachers and parents.


You will act in such a way that your image rises up in the society. You will complete the long pending works, by your new and different kind of efforts, very easily. You will spend liberally for the domestic needs of your family.

. Avoid speedy driving. Your children will develop their, skill and talents and rise up your image. You should be careful while dealing with the machineries of fire and electricity. Your spouse will give you valuable advice. You should encourage new customers for the growth of your business. Employees will complete the target within the prescribed time limit. Women will buy the domestic necessities. Students will increase their memory-power and develop in their studies.


You will take care of your health and you will be particular in completing your works. You will get the blessings of your ‘Desired God’ and with that strength; you will complete all your works. Outstation tours will be beneficial and you will get new pleasing experience, out of them. Your children will obey your words and earn a good name for you. It is better to avoid unhygienic food. You will repay a portion of your loans. It is necessary to respect the views of your spouse. You will set right the hurdles in your business, without delay. Employees should follow the rules and regulations of your organization. Women will behave in a sacrificing way for safeguarding the welfare of the family. A satisfactory situation will prevail for the studies of the students.


You will be satisfied even with a little benefit, in your practical life. Your talks will have spiritual ideas. You should adopt a soft approach with your relatives. It would be advisable to adhere to strict safety measures. You will correct the faults of your children. Your health will be normal. You should behave in such a way that your spouse does not lose confidence on you. You can bring average growth in your business by your hard work. There will be delay for the employees to achieve the work-targets. Women should not lend or borrow jewels. Students should be careful in taking new persons as friends.


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