Dec 032022

FROM 4.12.2022 TO 10.12.2022–WEEKLY FORECAST:

weekly horoscope
weekly horoscope


You will not show interest in knowing what is going on around you. Matters on which you were hopeful, so far, will trouble you now. You will take more interest in your family matters, and thereby have a sort of mental happiness. You will maintain tenacity in the expenditures. You should adopt a soft method in setting right the behavior of your children. You may require small medical treatment for your health. Your spouse will be affectionate with you keeping in mind about the family-condition. You may have to face tough competition in your business. Average income will be there. Employees will get loan for managing the expenses of their family. Women will follow soft approach in their works. Students will score expected marks, by their hard work.


New ways for pumping money are seen before you. Some persons without good characters will be nearing you for befriending with you. By distancing away from them, you can get rid of troubles. Ensure required safety measures for your vehicle. Your children will develop their talents and get progress in their studies. Income from your ancestral properties will increase. You will lead a life which will be free from enemies. There will be increase in your monthly income. Avoid unhygienic food for maintaining good health. Your spouse will take care of the welfare of the family with love and affection. Production and sales will increase and you will get additional profit. Employees will earn a good name from the organization. Your financial position will allow your spouse to buy the domestic needs. Students should avoid risky games .


Your spouse will give importance to her self prestige. By God’s grace, all benefits will come to you. You will handle the troubles coming from your enemies tactfully. Your respect will rise up in the society. Drive slowly. Your children will be fond of demanding and getting luxury goods from you. Entrust your properties to reliable persons. You will introduce new techniques in your business and thus you will manage to earn average production and sales. Employees can retain their good name, by following the rules and regulations of the organization. Women should spend money only for the essential expenditures of the family. Students should obey the advices of he parents for getting more benefits.


You should behave in such a way that you should develop an interest in the minds of your spouse. An urgent work will have to be completed and you will struggle to complete it. You will fall in trouble by the wrong advice of the inexperienced persons. . When you open your mouth for a talk, keep in mind about the future welfare of the family. Your vehicle should be maintained for having smooth driving during travels. You should give healthy food to your children for keeping them in good health. You should distance away from your enemies for getting rid of their troubles. Your production and sales will be dull and cannot withstand the competitions in the market. Employees should concentrate in their works with their full-fledged hard work. Women will spend their savings for small expenditures of the family. Students will be average in their studies.

.     SIMMAM (LEO):

Your spouse will act keeping your words in mind. You will act with a firmness and enthusiasm, keeping in mind about the good name and benefits earned by you in the previous life. New persons will get in touch with you and help you as much as they can. You should treat your relatives who are visiting your house, well, without any small grievance. You will buy and give the first hand quality- products at costly prices as desired by your children. You need complete rest and necessary medical treatment, for maintaining good health. You can get necessary finance, in time, for carrying out the developmental works in your business. Employees can get the salary-perks and other benefits. Women will worship for the welfare of the family. Students should avoid discussions with their friends, about the matters other than education.


Your spouse will praise your good qualities and deeds. It is better to implement your new plans after thorough examinations. You will have mental satisfaction about the benefits coming to you now, for your good charities and benevolence in the past. Your relatives will introduce new kith and kins to you. You will fulfill the desire of your children for going for an excursion .Gradual rest will safeguard your health. You will approach somebody for having growth in your business. Employees will be friendly with the co-workers. Women will treat the relatives well and retain the good name of the family. Students will take interest in studies and earn good name from the teachers.


Your spouse will help you for getting success in your efforts. Forgetting about the dissatisfaction and hatred on others, you will have interest in carrying out your routine duties. Your financial condition will be satisfactory so as to buy your domestic needs. You will give importance to the views of your brothers and sisters. Comforts from your vehicle will be in the average level. Your children will get progress in their studies and job opportunities. You can undergo outstation –tour, only if it is beneficial. Income from the ancestral properties will increase. Growth of production and sales will be satisfactory in your business. Employees will get more works and more income. Women will have normal financial position for buying the domestic needs. Students will be having increase in their memory power and shine in their studies.


Your spouse will show more love and affection on you. The new work entrusted on you will create worries and dullness in your mind. You should behave in such a way, keeping in mind about the requirements and the future-benefits of your family. Though your talks have truth and attraction, you can offer views to your friends, only when it is welcome by them. Your travels will be comfortable and safe, only if you drive at normal speed. Your children may be careless in their activities. You should have a watch and set right them.  There may be delays in getting the court cases finalized. You should rectify the troubles and hindrances in your business without any delay.  Employees can get benefits, by their hard work. Women will give valuable advice to their husbands. Students should avoid going to risky areas.


You will buy and give the things desired by your spouse. Your lifestyle will be an ideal one and earn more respect from your relatives and friends. You will conduct the auspicious function of your brother/sister. Your satisfactory financial condition will permit buying of a vehicle. Your health will be good and you will participate in the parties and functions. Your business will grow and the profits will increase. Those who work in the offices will work hard and get the appreciations of their higher ups. Women will cook variety of foods and treat the family members well. Students will follow the guidance of their teachers and get more marks in the examinations.


Your spouse will have more love and affection on you. You will be keen in developing the talents within you. Your family members will be helpful. It is necessary for setting right the different kind of situation in your business by an alternative method. You will get benefits by getting the long pending work done by your cleverness and tactful ways. You will give importance to the views of your children. Avoid talking the general matters to the persons of having opposite temperament. Employees will take more time for achieving the target. Women will get gifts from their parents. Students can concentrate on studies only if they take due care to safeguard their health.


You will buy and give the desired things to your spouse. Your mind will refresh and your actions will glow, attracting others. You will carry out your new efforts into actions and get more benefits. You will take part in the social services also. Some of you will buy land and vehicle. Your children will whole-heartedly accept your advices in their life .your health will be normal. You will carry out the developmental works in your business. Those who work in the offices will earn the appreciations of their higher authorities, by their sincere work. Women will have a happy life by getting their husband’s kindness and more money .Students will study well and get more marks in the examinations.


You will give importance to the views of your spouse and thus enjoy the domestic happiness. Avoid talking about your good actions to those who have opposite views. Even very easy works will take more time for completion. Safety measures are necessary for your house and vehicle. More care is required for their maintenance also. Your children will be patient and will create a confidence in your mind. Avoid taking unhygienic food, which will be harmful to your health. You will handle your business with the principle of less investment and more hard work. Politicians should start the reconciliatory talks according to the situation. Women should avoid lending and borrowing money. Students will win the kindness of their friends.


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