Jan 072023

FROM  8.1.2023  TO  14.1.23




This week, you will have mental satisfaction and you will be proud by your good actions of the past. You will carry out new assignments with freshness and enthusiasm. Your brothers and sisters will ask help from you. Convenience from your vehicle will be normal. You will strengthen the health of your children, by giving them nutritious food. Your enemies will be weakened. You will have a peaceful life. You will give due importance to your spouse. You will have to invest more in your business. Employees should adopt a sort approach while talking with the co-workers. Women will utilize their savings money for family-expenses. Students will study well and get the appreciations of teachers and parents.


Your relatives will invite you for the marriages of their family. You will fulfill the domestic requirements by spending liberally. Drive slowly. You should adopt soft approach in setting right the defects of your children. You will get favorable judgments in the court cases. This is the favorable time for buying properties. You will be happy by the affection of your spouse. You will get more profits by increasing the production and sales in your business. Employees will get more employment opportunities. Women will take more interest in the welfare of the family. Students will restrict roaming outside and thereby improve their studies.


You will get rid of the worries in your mind and evince interest in your duties. Your experience will help you to carry out the duties of your new assignments. You will renovate your house and spend for the maintenance of your vehicle, for getting more benefits out of them. Your children will earn good name for you, by your good behaviors. You will defeat the enmities of your enemies tactfully. You will have misunderstandings with your spouse. You will have average production and sales in your business. Politicians will get benefits from the Govt. side. Women will give valuable advice to their husbands for the welfare of the family. Students should not go to the risky areas.



You will have strong ideas in your mind and you will be benefited by your actions. You will adopt tenacity in your expenses. You should have more care in the safety of your house and your vehicle. You will choose alternate arrangements for improving the studies of your children. Necessary rest at frequent intervals will help to safeguard your health. Avoid talking unwanted arguments with your spouse. You will set right the dullness prevailing in your business. Employees should follow the guidance of the organizations, carefully. Women should give importance to the views of their husbands for safeguarding the domestic integrity. Students should be careful before taking new persons as their friends.


You will set right the differences of opinions prevailing with your relatives. Outstation tours will bring you some benefits. You will gain new experience by the incidents of society, this week. Maintenance works undertaken by you in your vehicle will make your travels comfortable. The good behavior of your children will bring good name for you. You should be careful in your talks with your spouse and also with the unknown people. You will invest more in your business. Employees will be able to get their delayed perks now, by a little effort. Women should not lend or borrow jewels Students will study well and score more marks in the examinations.


You will act in such away to increase hopes in the minds of your relatives and friends. You will have new chances for getting more income. Avoid taking unhygienic foods. Income to be derived from your properties will increase. You will buy and give the desired things for your spouse. You will carry out some developments for getting more profit from your business. Employees will get benefits. Women will take care of the welfare of the children. Students will put more efforts for increasing their talents and qualification.


Troubles so far prevailing in your life will disappear, without leaving any marks. You will get the kindness and affection from your brothers and sisters. Your respect and dignity will increase in the society. You should take more interest in the health of your children. You will repay a portion of your loan. Relatives of your spouse will be helpful. You have to put more efforts and l more labor for getting growth in your business. Employees will adopt tenacity in spending money. Women will cook variety of foods and treat the relatives. Students will act , getting the confidence of their friends.


There will be delay in getting a particular work to be completed. You will set it right by a new approach. Avoid giving lift in your vehicle to unknown persons and also avoid giving shelter to the strangers in your house. The studies and the good behavior of your children will create a confidence in your mind. Taking nutritious food in time will safeguard your health. Your spouse will praise your calm and the soft approach. You will have normal production and sales in your business. Employees should take rest in between their works for maintaining their health. Women will perform special poojas for getting their prayers fulfilled. Students should use the costly goods with more care.


Your talks will be attractive and will be tactful. You will evince interest in social service. Your domestic happiness will increase by the visits of your relatives. You will advice your children to move in a way without creating any misunderstandings with their friends. Your health will be normal. Your spouse will show more kindness and additional affection on you. You will manage the prevailing competition in marketing your product. Employees may have to face transfers and disciplinary actions. Women will get the love and money of their husbands and lead a happy life. Students will shine in their studies by their hard work.


You will have a wealthy position in life. Your family will witness an auspicious function. You will have comforts from your vehicle. Your children will have progress in their studies. You will have a new atmosphere in which your enemies will have good opinion on you. You will participate in parties of the auspicious functions. You will follow alternative methods in setting right the dullness prevailing in your business. Employers will try to maintain a cordial atmosphere with the employees and increase the quantity of production. Women will have good health and take care in the welfare of their children. Students will develop their memory power and attain the expected standard of progress in the examinations.


You will get more benefits by completing the planned works, easily. Many people will have a good opinion on you. You will get new chance and help from others to complete the delayed work. Some of you may buy a house. Your children will shine in their studies. Your life will be happier. You will enjoy domestic happiness, by getting more love and affection from your spouse. Your business will prosper more. Politicians will get their desired higher postings and benefits. Women will help the relatives to carry on an auspicious function in their house. Students will score more marks in the examinations and get the desired gifts from their parents.


You should take up any work, after a deep thought. You may get the help of your brothers and sisters to some extent. You should ensure suitable safety measures in your house and vehicle. You may delay in fulfilling the needs of your children. You may have to undergo medical treatment and rest for maintaining good health. Your spouse will have cordial relationship with you.  Your business will become dull. You will maintain tenacity in spending money. Employees should take more care in maintaining their good name. Women will use their savings for the family expenditures. Students should take part in the games with due care.


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