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FROM 9.1.2022 TO 15.1.2022  – WEEKLY FORECAST:



This is an average week. Due to the planetary movements, you may have mental worries and there may be delay in your activities. You can be relieved of all your sufferings by adopting the method of speaking patiently with the unknown persons. Your financial requirements will increase for the domestic needs. Avoid speed driving. Your personal care is required over the movements and activities of your children as well your guidance for their future. You have to take rest at the fixed intervals and timely food for maintaining your health. Your spouse will be cordial and safeguard the welfare of the family. Employees may fall in trouble, if they do not obey the rules and regulations of their organization. Women will give their savings to their husbands and help them financially. Students can get through only by their hard work.


You can enjoy this week.  You will move with others adjusting with them.  Those who are having enmity with you so far will come nearing you and will show their affection to you. Your financial condition will be satisfactory so as to fulfill the domestic needs. You may conduct auspicious functions in your family. Your prayers will help you, now. You will carry out the maintenance works in your vehicle. Avoid giving advices to the family matters of your relatives. Your children will be affectionate to you and they will rise up your respect in the society. You will buy and give the desired things of your spouse. Competition for the products of your business will be reduced and you can enjoy more production and sales. Employees can get benefits of their job, with fewer efforts. Women will perform the worship of their Family Deity. Students will study well and get wonderful grades.


This is a good week for you. You will utilize all the chances effectively without fail for getting profitable income. Differences of opinions prevailing with your neighbors will go away. Your respect and dignity will rise up. Some of you will buy new vehicle. You will carry out some planned actions for the future welfare of your children. Domestic happiness will increase by the visits of relatives to your house. By distancing away from your enemies, your own business will develop easily. Your spouse will praise your good qualities. Production and sales in your business will be average. Employees should work carefully; otherwise they will be penalized for their wrong actions. Women should avoid borrowing and lending jewels from /to others. Students should avoid risky games.


This is an average week. Planetary movements are not favorable. There will be delay in fulfilling the domestic needs. Your time will be wasted in attending to the irrelevant works. You will get the help of your brothers and sisters and get confidence in your mind. Your spouse will carry out the family works and take care of the welfare of the family with patience. You should chalk out an alternative plan for the growth of your business. Employees may require extra time for fulfilling their duties. Women will treat the relatives well. Students should avoid roaming around for giving concentration to their studies.



This is a good week for you. Planetary movements are favorable to you. You will give importance only to the noble and judicious works. As you ignore the defamatory comments on you, you can manage fulfilling your planned tasks easily. There are chances for conducting an auspicious function in your family. You should ensure safety to your house and vehicle. You will accept the words of your children and respect them as if they are of Vedas. You will defeat the plots of your enemies. Your spouse will give valuable advice for the promotion of your business. You will invest for developmental activities in your business and earn more profits. Employees will get all the benefits in their job, by easy efforts. Women will buy new dresses and ornaments. Students should concentrate in their studies and also take food-control.


This will be an average week. Some urgent needs will arise in the family and there will be a financial crisis. You will use your savings and get loans for managing the shortage. While talking with the friends and relatives, you should keep in mind about the prevailing situation. This will help to safeguard your good name. You may have to spend for maintaining your vehicle. You should adopt a soft approach for setting right the defects of your children. There may be delay in settling the matters. Your spouse will be supporting you, in solving your problems. You will put more efforts for binging normalcy in the production and sales in your business. Laborers will work with due care and achieve the target. Women will prepare variety of dishes and treat the family members well. Students should use costly goods safely.



This is a good week for you. Planetary movements ensure happiness in your mind and a fine finishing in your actions. You will complete the works which you have failed to do in the past, with due care. You will conduct an auspicious function for your younger brother. Avoid giving place in your house and vehicle to unknown persons. You will get good income from your ancestral property. Equal amount of expenses will also come. You have to think of an alternate plan for your children for getting an upgraded level in their studies. You may have to incur medical expenditure for your health. The soft words of your spouse will give happiness to your mind. You will utilize the available chances in your business and get success and promotion in the production and sales. Politicians will have an important post. Women will get the help of their mother’s house. Students will study well and get the appreciations of their parents and teachers.



This is an average week for you. Some people will give you wrong advices for earning more money. But you will walk in the right path and conduct your life honestly. . You will get glorious life in the society. You will get more comforts in your house and vehicle. You should adopt soft methods for setting right the defects of your children. You will redeem a part of your compulsory periodical loans. Your spouse will misunderstand you and develop quarrels with you. Avoid arguments to bring domestic peace. It is necessary to safeguard the benefits in your business. Employees will resort to work more for getting more money for meeting the domestic needs. Women will understand the defects of their husbands pointed out by others and try to deal in the proper way. Students will develop their memory and shine in their studies.


This is a good week for you. Your mind will be with full of happiness. You will cut-short your rest hours and increase your interest in your duties. You will be able to get the help of an important person and get your work done. Domestic happiness will increase. Your children’s good deeds will enhance your fame in the society. You should distance away from the enemies and thus you may be able to save time and money. You should also handle the matters carefully so that your spouse does not lose confidence on you. Your business –growth will be average. Employees should respect the views of their colleagues. This will develop a cordial atmosphere in the office. Women should avoid money-dealings with others without the knowledge of others. Students will concentrate on their studies and shine in their examinations.


This is an average week. Planetary movements ensure that those who are friendly with you so far will now change and become untrustworthy. You should take due care in fulfilling your duties for getting the fullest benefits. You will get more income from your ancestral properties. Your children will reach the heights in their studies and thus your fame will rise up. Your spouse will respect your views and act according to that and safeguard the welfare of the family. You will set right the defects in your business. So, the production and sales in your business will be normal. Polititicias should start their compromising dealings, after studying the prevailing situation. Women will carry on their household works with a sacrificing tendency. Students will develop spiritual thoughts and their minds will be clear.


This is a good week for you. You will safeguard your name and fame earned already in the society. You will get more love and affection of your brothers and sisters. Some of you will get the plan of buying a house or vehicle to be succeeded. You will correct the playful attitude of your children to concentrate on their studies by your soft and kind approach. Troubles from the enemies will go away. Your health may become dull due to the intake of unhygienic food. Guard against it.  Love and affection of your spouse shown to you will give happiness to you. You will invest more funds for the developmental activities in your business. Employees will work effectively and get the appreciations of the higher authorities. Women will lead a happy life by getting more money and affection from their husbands. Students will study well and shine in the examinations.


This is an average week for you. You need not worry much about the ‘Ashtama sani’, because the noble deeds performed by you in the past, will stand by your side and give some unexpected benefits. Avoid indulging in any work which is  beyond your capacity. Avoid speedy driving. Your children will behave well, keeping in mind about the family conditions. Your health may trouble you, due to the intake of unhygienic food. You may have to undertake some alternate methods, to conquer the plots of your enemies. Your spouse will misunderstand you and there may be some arguments. More hard work is required for getting average income in the business. Employees may face disciplinary action from the higher authorities. Take care to avoid that. Women should take rest in between hard works and then only their health can be maintained. Students should avoid roaming outside, so as to divert their concentration in their studies.


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