Jan 232022

FROM 23.1.2022 TO 29.1.2022- WEEKLY FORECAST:



This week, you should avoid involving in others’ matters and it would be good to look after your affairs only. You will get the help of your brothers and sisters. You should not spend much for your domestic expenditures. Your children will be very adamant to get the things of their choice.  You will guide them in the soft ways. Your health will be normal. You will get confidence by the kind words of your spouse. You may have to undergo the developmental activities in your business. Employees should work with more responsibilities. Women should not lend or borrow the golden jewels. Students will qualify in the examinations by their hard work.



Your mind will be with full of happiness. You will complete your planned works easily. Your money –income and benefits will increase. You will render help to your brothers and sisters as much as possible. You will guide and assist your children to grow in their studies. Those who are acting against you so far will now start to behave kindly with you. Your spouse will undertake the domestic works with full of kindness in her mind. You will undertake developmental activities in your business. Employers will encourage the employees, get the works done and achieve the targets. Women will get husband’s love and liberal inflow of money and lead a happy life. Students will study well and shine in their studies.



You will maintain the habit of adhering to honesty, out of much difficulty and succeed in your efforts. You will plan your activities according to your financial level. You will find this time suitable for conducting the auspicious functions for your brothers and sisters. You will have the maximum convenience in your vehicle. You should adopt a soft approach while setting right the mistakes of your children. You should take timely food and normal rest, for maintaining good health. Your spouse will be particular in behaving with self prestige. You will have mental peace, because of the growth in your business. Employees will get the benefits like salary- hike, promotions etc. Students will improve in their studies with the help of their friends.



You will carry out the important duties with due intelligence and your busy activities. Your anxiety to know about the happenings in the society will diminish. You should be careful with those who are admiring you excessively. You may have to spend more for maintaining your vehicle. You may have to go for loan, for meeting your domestic expenses. You should safeguard the documents of your properties. Relatives of your spouse will respect you. You have to work more for getting growth in your business. Politicians should adopt a soft approach while dealing with the matters of compromising the problems of the people. Women will take interest in the affairs of the children. Students should be careful in avoiding the unhygienic food.



You will actively deal with the matters relating to your good living. .you will get help from your friends. Your respect will rise up in the society. You will get the favor of buying a new house or vehicle. You children will shine in their knowledge and intelligent activities. You will buy the desired goods of your children. Your business will grow with the intake of new persons. Employees will work well and get appreciations. Women will get their domestic desires fulfilled and thereby worship thanking God. Students will study well and get the appreciations of teachers and parents.


You can get the expected benefits in your works, only if you get rid of your laziness. You should be careful to talk softly even with whom you move closely. You should adopt safety measures in your house and vehicle. You will fulfill the desires of your children to the possible extent. You should not go to the risky areas. The advices of your spouse will rise up the confidence-level in your mind. There will be normal growth in the production and sales in your business. Mechanical workers should follow the safety measures in the work places. Women will enjoy help from their mother’s house. Students should work hard, to get qualified.


You will carry out your activities for getting prosperities in life, with firmness in your mind. You will get the expected help from your friends. Your desire to participate in the social activities will grow. You will get convenience from your vehicle. As you set right the worries in the minds of your children, domestic happiness will be strengthened. Troubles from your enemies will be weakened. Your spouse will be affectionate towards you. You will carry on some changes in your business and be benefited. Employees will get the appreciations from your higher ups, by your talented works. Women will buy the domestic requirements according to the financial level. Students will avoid roaming outside and concentrate n their studies.



You should think wisely, before you start any work, to avoid complications. You may have to face extravagant expenditures and thus your savings will come down. You will take into consideration of the views of your brothers and sisters. Income derived from your ancestral properties will give you mental strength. Required rest and necessary medical treatment will ensure your health. Your spouse will realize the domestic responsibilities and will be helpful.  There will be average production and sales in your business. Employees of the factories should follow the safety precautions. Women will take into account of the financial condition of their husbands and carry out the domestic responsibilities. Students should avoid going to the risky areas.


The favorable transits of the planets ensure happiness in your mind and confidence in your actions. You will get help from your new friends for getting more benefits in your life. You will safeguard your image by your sweet words. Some of you will buy new house or vehicle. You should set right your children and safeguard them from their evil friendship. The negative forces obstructing your actions so far will now become positive energies for getting things done. Your spouse will praise your good qualities. You will carry out the developmental works in your business with heavy investments. You can get the assistance from the Govt. Employees will get more employment opportunities and more income. Women will buy new dresses and ornaments. Students will shine in their studies.


There may be delays in getting the benefits for your past works which were done by you with perfection. You will lead a peaceful life because you were keeping in mind your future life. You will discuss about some matters with your friends and get solution for them. You will get peace of mind, by worshipping your desired God. You should take healthy food and required rest for maintaining good health. Your spouse will speak kind words to you and show her love and affection. You will safeguard the benefic aspects in your business with due care. Employees will have more expenses than their income. Women will adopt tenacity in the domestic expenditures. Students should protect their costly goods.


Even though your efforts are small, your benefits will be more. Differences of opinions prevailing in the minds of your neighbors will disappear and good relationship will flourish with them. You will be blessed by your Desired God. Your vehicle will require maintenance works. You will wonder at the intelligent activities of your children. Those who are against you will try to get help from you, indirectly. Your domestic integrity will develop, only if you respect the views of your spouse. Keeping in mind of the serious market conditions, you will invest more in your business. Employees will get benefits from the organization. Women should give importance to the views of your husband, while talking about the family matters. Students will get happiness by treating their new friends well


You should share the confused thoughts in your mind with your well-wishers and get good advices and get them cleared. You should adhere to tenacity and safety in the money-dealings. Avoid long travels in the vehicles so as to maintain good health. Your children will respect and obey your words. Your spouse will be more particular in taking care of the welfare of the family. Eliminating the hurdles and disturbances in your business, you can retain the average level of production and sales in your business. Employees can retain their good name earned from the organization, only by their responsible activities. Women will spend their savings for the domestic expenditures. Students will develop their friendship with their friends.







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