Jan 232021

WEEKLY FORECAST-  FROM 24.1.2021  TO  30.1.2021:



Your mind will have good thoughts and you will put them into action successfully. You will get the fullest benefits of your house and vehicle satisfactorily. By sincerely following the rules and regulations of the Govt., you may get rid of your troubles. Your good deeds in your previous birth, will pave way for a favorable situation of getting many kinds of lucky aspects in this birth. You will honor the suggestions of your spouse. You can get average growth in your business. It is better to adhere to the guidance of the management of your institution. Women will take more care of the children’s welfare .Students can shine in their studies only if they take care of their health.


Your mind will be with full of happiness. You will complete your assignments by your talented works. You will have adequate money income for the family expenses. Your plan to buy a house or vehicle will be materialized. You will set right the worries of your children and by this way; you will enhance the domestic happiness. You will have normal health. Your spouse will have misunderstanding with you. You will implement developmental works in your business. Employees will get salary-hike and other benefits by their hard work. Women will treat relatives well and earn a good name for the family. Students will shine in their studies and get gifts from their parents.


You are able to retain the good name earned by you in the society. You have to spend for the maintenance expenditures for your house and vehicle. Don’t stand in the place of quarrels and unrests. You will create a situation for making your children shine in their studies. You may undergo medical expenses. Your spouse will praise your responsive behavior in the family matters. You will get average income in your business. Working women will learn the new techniques for bringing improvement in your business. Students should strictly avoid discussing matters other than studies with their friends.


You will have mental worries. Getting advice from your well-wishers will be useful to you. There will be changes in your style. Your younger brother may help you. Don’t let your house to unbelievable persons. Don’t give lift in your vehicle to the unknown persons. Take care in allowing your children to use valuable articles. Take care of your health by taking rest in the required intervals. The relative of your spouse will be affectionate towards you. You can get increased production, by setting right the defects in the business. Employees can escape from the disciplinary cases by their sincere work. Women will maintain tenacity in the expenses and safeguard the family from falling into debts. Students can get through only by their hard work.


You will give importance for your conscience. You will get enormous victories in your duties. You will get more benefits in your house and vehicle. Your children will get ranking positions in their studies and stand f job opportunities. You will repay the loans and also start saving money. Your health will improve. You will start new business. The love and affection of your spouse will make you more cheerful. There will be growth in your business and you will get more profits. Employees will achieve the target in their duties very easily. Women will give variety of foods to the family members and get their appreciations. Students will shine in their studies and parents and teachers will praise them.


You will attend to the incomplete duties with new kind of efforts. You should avoid over stress in your talks and actions. You should be ready to be flexible. You should move with your younger brother in such a way to avoid difference of opinions. Maintenance expenditures are required for your house and vehicle. You will set right the mistakes of your children’s actions by your soft approach. Your health can be maintained by timely food and by taking required rest. Your spouse will give the savings to you for the sake of family. You may resort to alternative methods for tackling the competitions in the business. Employers will encourage the employees so that they achieve the target of production in the business within the prescribed time limit. Women will buy new dresses and ornaments depending upon the savings. Students can be qualified only out of hard work.


This week, Hesitation prevailing in your mind will go and you will become brave. You will involve in your duties with enthusiasm. You can safeguard your good name, only if you talk keeping in the mind about the situation of your relatives. Your children will give you pressure, for getting their desired things from you. You will use your savings for meeting your essential expenses. Take care of your health. Your spouse will behave, realizing the responsibilities of your family. For getting more profit, you will implement new strategies boldly. You can get help from the Govt. Employees will follow the guidelines of your institution and get the benefits. Women will attend to the works of the family.


Your dignity may be affected. You should be careful in fulfilling the planned works. Safety measures are required for your house and vehicle. Medical treatment is required for your children. Your enemy will stop giving trouble to you, because of his sufferings. You should not participate in competitions. You should not lose the confidence of your spouse. You should follow the principle of more work and less investment in your business and then only you can escape from the loans. The employees dealing with machinery should be strictly following the safety measures. Women should avoid talking about the family matters of their relatives. Students can qualify, only out of hard work.


Those who are criticizing you so far will now appreciate you. You will have a chance to meet the important person who can fulfill your ideals. Cordial relationship will be there with your neighbors. Your children may lack behind in their studies because of their evil friends. Take care of them. You will take part in the functions of your relatives and friends, along with your spouse. Avoid speedy driving. Your business will be dull. Your savings will help you to meet the essential expenses. Employees will achieve the target in their duties, within the time limit. Women will get the support of their husbands and lead their life happily. Students will be able to get through the examinations by their hard work.


The transit of planets induces precautions in your mind about your safety. You will get full benefits in the expected matters. You will give the expected help for your younger brother to the possible extent. You will spend for the maintenance of house and vehicle and have the full convenience from them. You will buy and give the desired thing of your children at costlier price. You will have normal health. Your spouse will take care of the family and she will have cordial relationship with you. You can increase the production and sales in the business by undergoing outstation tours. Employees will get increased salary. Women will give good advices to their husbands, for the future welfare of their families.  Students will shine.


Transit of planets ensures favorable benefits.  You will keep in mind about the previous experience and carry out your works, learning lessons from it.  By this, you can save time and money. You will also participate in the social service activities. You should be careful in avoiding speedy driving and ensuring the safety of your house. You will carry out all your assignments successfully. Troubles from your enemies will come down. You should have careful talks with your spouse so as to make them accept your concept. You will set right the defects in your business and increase the growth. Employees should work with more responsibilities so as to fulfill the expectation of the administration. Women should maintain patience for ensuring the integrity of the family. Students can qualify only if they work hard.


Somebody will admire you, for getting their own benefits. Keep them in distance, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles from them. You should ensure your health. Then only you can involve in your duties actively. You will share the spiritual matters with your friends and get yourself recharged. You have to spend for medical treatment for your children. Problems cannot be settled now, without delay. Your talk should be in such a way that your spouse is not dissatisfied. Your business may require more investment. You should be careful to create integrated spirit among the employees and to avoid unrest among them. Women should not lend jewels to others or take jewels from others. Students should not forget the position of their parents and behave accordingly.


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