Sep 142022


In the ash gourd, there is Vitamin B,C, Calcium, Potassium iron, Posperous and fibers . most importantly, it contains water contents.
The juice of the ash gourd gives immediate recovery to the ulcer problem moreover the ash gourd juice helps to fight against the acidity problem arising out of eating spicy food and remaining in fasting for long hours.
If you drink ash-gourd- juice in the morning, daily, you will find loss of weight and release of the bad water from the body. The body temperature will come down. Besides, the water contents in the body will increase and the body becomes cool.
If honey is added with the juice of ash gourd and taken for morning and evening , blood will be purified.
The ash-gourd –juice cures the problem of blood-leakage with urine, blood leakage within the body due to ulcer and the blood-leakage due to piles.

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