Jan 082022


In these days of changing climates of rainy and misty seasons, infection of the disease virus increases. When the diseases like corona and dengue which are spread through virus are intensified, it is necessary for increasing immunity, for safeguarding from the diseases.

We all know that ginger, pepper, garlic, onion and turmeric in cooking traditionally increase the immunity. A list is furnished below:

Vitamin C- citrus fruits and greens: Grapes, Orange Lemon, Capsicum, Strawberry, Green varieties care rich in Vitamin-C. By eating these foods often production of white blood corpuscles increase.
Beta Carotene- greens and tuber varieties: the beta carotene in the sweet potato and spinach, caret changes into Vitamin-A. it prevents the toxic germs like virus and produces the ‘gamma globulin’
Vitamin-E -Seeds and nuts: Vitamin E dissolvable in fat is rich in spinach, almonds, and sunflower seeds. This causes consistent functioning of immune system.
Antioxidants: green tea has antioxidants which develops immunity. The amino acids in it, produces enzymes which prevents virus-infection.
Vitamin D: sunlight, fish and eggs. Vitamin-D is necessary for streamlining the immune functions. Vitamin-D is available in the egg-yolk, mushrooms fishes and sunlight.
Probiotic: the probiotic in the fermented foods induces the immunity. It also helps for the healthy functioning of the stomach.
Zinc: sea foods. The important mineral for the functioning of the immune system. This is rich in crab. Sea foods containing shrimp and lobster containing shells and meat of animals develop immunity.


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