Jul 172022


Fruits contain many nutrients. Nutrients differ according to the color. Red colored fruits attract our eyes. Red colored fruits give briskness and energy.

These fruits are rich in red colored fruits like apple, plums, pomegranate, red plantain, jujubebots and cherri . * These fruits increase blood circulation.

* Increases red blood corpuscles.

* It dilutes the cloistral in the blood.

* It cures the kidney problems.

* it reduces the stiffness in the muscles and softens.

* it enriches the veins and strengthens the brain.

* it releases the mental depression.

* it induces your memory power.

* it improves the vision.

* it increases the immunity.

* it strengthens the bone marrows.

* it stands as a good tonic for the heart.

Yellow –colored fruits include lime fruits, papaya, plantain, and pineapple.

These fruits contain calcium, vitamin-C , vitamin-A, polic acid.

These yellow colored fruits cure Neurasthenia.
It increases digestion power.
It cures constipation.
It cures stomach ulcer.
It sives immunity power.
It improves the vision.

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