Apr 182022


1. Long pepper increases immunity. Further the medicines made out of it, cures Asthma, nasal congestion, sinus and head ache.
2. Long pepper is a good remedy for Malagra i.e. Muscle pain in the body, dysentery and leprosy and importantly for cough and phlegm, bronchitis and sputum.
3. Take powdered long pepper and gall-nut powder in equal quantity and mix with honey. You can take ½ tsp twice a day, Asthma will be cured.
4. Take 5 gm of Piper longum, grind and mix in milk. If you drink it, body pain, back pain, and rheumatoid will be cured.
5. Take 10 gm of Long pepper powder and boil with ½ liter cow-milk and drink twice a day. Cough and gastric troubles will be cured.
6. Add honey with ½ spoon long pepper powder and consume for 1 month twice a day. Excoriation will be cured.
7. Take 2 gm of long-pepper powder of ½ spoon and mix with 100 ml milk and drink for 1 month. Knee pain will be cured.
8. Take equal quantities of long-pepper, pepper and skin-removed dry ginger, fry and powder them, and mix with honey and eat thrice a day. Stomach pain, flatulence, common cold and sore throat will be cured.

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