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When problems occur in digestion and when acids ‘secretion is more, air is produced in the body and gives trouble. Over work, mental depression, taking food in irregular times are the important reasons for gastric trouble.

Sometimes gastric trouble creates embarrassing situation. We may take that there is no problem in our body as long as there is no bad smell in the gas. But if there is bad smell, we should set it right.

Take a piece of papaya at the time of gas-formation. This balances the gas. As it stimulates digesting acids, gas is prevented. Spices like, cumin seeds, cardamom and anise are good remedies. After gas trouble, if you chew these things, you can get remedy.

Mint leaves prevent acid –production.  If one drop of the mint oil is mixed with one tumbler of hot water and drunk, you will get immediate relief.

You can eat scrapped coconut. Gastric trouble is cured if you drink coconut water and coconut milk. Further it reduces acid-production.

Gastric trouble is cured, if you drink water mixed with dry ginger.


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