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  • Is malnutrition, the reason for the muscle cramp after getting up from sleep? This problem might   have come to anyone getting up from bed. Muscle-cramp comes due to want of vitamin-c, deficiency in carbohydrate, drinking less water drinking coffee or tea. If the   muscles of the legs are massaged slowly, you can manage the muscle cramp. But if this problem continues it may the nerve related disease called as ’restless legs syndrome’. Therefore medical treatment is necessary according to the symptoms.
  • Is it right that anatomy is the right way to find out the death of a person?:- if it is decided that the death of a person, is due to suicide, accident, murder, this done by the medical his body is sent to anatomy is done by the medical inspector or the forensic skin specialist 6 hours is required to study  filly about the body organs . The doctor will put the organs in the respective place and stitch them, after inspection. After the president Kennasdy’s murder, his body was put to anatomy and it is still controversial till date. The controversy is whether the doctor, who did the anatomy, is a certified person.
  • Do the iodine tablets cure those who are affected by radiation? – Potassium Iodide tables reduce the thyroid cancer. But it cannot be prevented that the other organs are affected. Thyroid is an organ in the throat in the shape of the butterfly this organ normalizes the metabolism, functioning of the brain body temperature and growth. There are side effects for the iodine tablets like affecting of the saliva glands, allergy and stomach problems. If a person who has iodine deficiency and undergoes radiation,   he may be affected by thyroid   cancer. So one should take iodine tablets immediately to avoid cancer.
  • Diamonds can be decided by their color, is it right?-  diamond is the clean shape of carbon which underwent heat and pressure under the earth.  There are carbon molecules in many products. It is available in 15% even in our body-weight. The cutting size, mistakes in the diamond, weight and color are the measures for valuing diamond. Diamond- merchants keep a measure for the colors .colorless diamonds are rare and hence there price is also costly.


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