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  •  Is it correct whether the water used by the firemen is deferent? – Water used by the firemen contains the mixture of chemicals. This water has the capacity of reducing the pressure of the ordinary area. Further its moisture is more than the ordinary water. Therefore it is possible to put off the fire easily.
  •  Is it correct whether we cannot cry in the space? – It is possible to laugh as well as cry in the space. But the tears will not come down from the eyes and fall down through the jaws. As there is no gravitation, it is stagnated like a pool. As the  astronauts are given necessary training  by the space centers, so as to suit to the space, no chances are there for becoming emotional and cry.
  • Is it correct whether lighter was I invented before the match boxes? – it is correct. But it was used for the utilization of the industry. In 1823, lighter was invented by the German Chemist by name Johann Wolfgang doberriner . Therefore its name is doberriner’s lamp, two years after this, match-box was invented.
  • Is it correct whether the seeds in the chilly are spicier: if we bite the chilly in the food by mistake, immediately we feel heat and spicy taste which creates a pain in the mouth?  Reason for this is the white stem portion inside the chilly. The chemical known as the capsaicin in it is the reason for this. This chemical is not available in the chilly seeds. But as the seeds are sticking along with the white stem, we feel that the seeds are spicy.
  • Is it correct whether ‘duns cap’ is the symptom for intelligence: – john duns scotus, a Scotland philosopher belonging to 13th century, canvassed as long caps are the symbols of intelligence.   His followers start wearing it proudly. In 1500, his philosophy became expired. After this, if anybody wears the ‘duns cap’, many told that it is a comedy. Today, there is no relationship between the duns cap and intelligence.


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